Logan: Head Coach This is Logan’s fifth year with the team and his first year as the new team adviser and advises others to “Have fun in everything you do”. He is new to Lab View, but his programming background dates back to the Unix Epoch. He also has experience in aircraft electronics, CNC machining, welding, hydraulics, database design, network administration, and several scripting languages. For fun, he likes to play video games with his four kids, ride motorcycle and skydive.

Bub: Assistant Coach 

Christin: Mentor 

Karen Halver:  Our younger boys were on the QWERTY Robotics Team while in high school, and they have continued their interest in Robotics (at NDSU) with engineering classes and volunteering for FIRST Robotics Competitions.  She brings the camera to document the progress of the team, helps to coordinate meals/snacks, and continues to encourage the ongoing fundraising.

Matthew: Mentor This is his third year as a mentor.  He had a great experience last year, learning about the FIRST Robotics program along with his son, Christopher. This year, his daughter Lizzie has also joined, and Matt is looking forward to participating again.   He continues to get to know the students better, as they learn and apply new skills, and he enjoys helping in the shop.

Crystal Casto: Mentor This is her first year as a mentor. She joined a few months after her daughter Kielee Hubbard joined at the beginning of the year. She is new to robotics but loves playing with power tools. She is the 2nd mom to most of the team.