Anton: I found out about it in Perham and it interested me. (2nd year)

Autumn: She wanted to learn more about science and technology (1st year)

Bergen: To get started in technology and engineering (1st year)

Caleb: It seemed fun (2nd year)

Christopher: He has always been interested in robotics (4th year)

Eric: Because his friends are in it and it looks fun (2nd year)

Jacob: His second dream job is to be a rocket engineer an he thought this would help (1st year)

Jarrett: Because I thought it would be fun to build robots and be with all my friend and I would like to learn how to doing stuff like this in the future   (1st year)

Keith:  (1st year)

Kenyon: (1st year)

Kielee: So she could become more intelligent and learn more about technology (1st year)

Kyle: Because it was recommended to him (1st year)

Lizzie: She joined because she has friends in it and enjoys robotics (2nd year)

Malikai: He wanted to be apart of something but he didn’t want to be part of anything else but robotics (2nd year)

Thomas: To build a freaking robot why else (2nd year)